Nutty Bar –Milk,Dark,White

A sumptuous combination of chocolate makes these bars the ideal nutrient dense snack.
XCD30.00 USD10.00

Nuts about Almond-Almond Roca

Two flavors-almond & chocolate that work beautifully satisfying your nut craving as well as your sweet cravings.

Chocolate Coconut Bar

Decadent enough to feel like an indulgent difficult to put down – Coconut’s fats are wonderful for your metabolism, skin, mood, hair and nails perfectly mixed with chocolate.
XCD 32.00/ USD 12.00

Double the pleasure - Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark

Both white and dark chocolate combine here with peanut butter for a delicious treat- double the chocolate double the pleasure. XCD38.00/USD14.00

Homemade Rocky Road

is a delicious combination of sweet marshmallows and crunchy nuts all covered in dark chocolate. XCD 32.00/ USD 12.00